Pelma was established in Bassano Bresciano in 1962

Many years have passed since that date. Through the years the Company has built a modern and dynamic image of itself and its name has become synonymous with quality and reliability.

Our ambition is to provide each customer with personalized service. For this reason every single project is the result of a team work among the different areas, which care about their particular problems, but at the same time determined to reach common objectives.

The construction of the new location in the south of Bassano Bresciano is the result of an intelligent project, where the space assumes a real synergetic value with every single process of both production and management.

Pelma is our way of projecting the future, by living the present without forgetting the past

A matter of shape.. and of substance

“A matter of Shape… and of Substance”: this is the philosophy which characterizes our products and allowed us to improve our researches and our services.

Our commitment led us to the fulfilment of our dream: today Pelma is a reality capable of facing the market complexities thanks to the professional capabilities of women and men who believed in this challenge

Pelma gives shape to ideas

Our designers’ thoughts and creativity find their fulfilment in Pelma’s product: precise and safe.

Our products, which are exposed to sophisticated control processes, allow architects and designers to see their projects to be realized.

It is a cooperation which allowed Pelma to achieve a higher awareness in providing specific features in all its products, which are guaranteed during the time.

Always one step ahead

Pelma is aware that only the right combination between human resources and technologies will allow the Company to look at the future with confidence and security.

Pelma has always cared about environment and that’s why it installed a VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) system which doesn’t need any auxiliary expanding agents (such as CFC/HCFC, Methylene Chloride, CO2, etc.) in order to obtain foams using water only, resulting totally non-pollutant and recyclable.

This system allows the production of foams with high-quality mechanical and physical properties, with an improvement in stratigraphy and with a better consistency in long periods of time.