Always busy in the research of new products that give to our customers new performances and technical advantage, our Research & Development Laboratory set up Camomilla, a polyurethane family especially studied for the mattress market, based on a last generation exclusive technology, that can offer the right combination of two characteristics in an only high quality solution:

1) Camomilla is produced by using the innovative VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) technology that allows not to use external uncontrollable agents like CFC/HCFC, methylene chloride, CO2, by obtaining a material expanded with only water and that turns out to be eco-compatible and recyclable.

2) It is a high-density polyurethane in the viscoelastic and high-resilience variations, with a high comfort level and excellent physical-mechanical characteristics, containing pure sifted chamomile addressed to the human usage and in compliance with the European standards.

The choice of using ordinary chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla), belonging to the Astracea family, is given by our will to introduce natural products in the polyurethane foam.

Appreciated from the ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, calming and relaxing properties, and known as extremely versatile therapeutic plant, Camomilla is used nowadays in food and pharmaceutical industries, in the production of cosmetics and personal care products.

Camomilla is a Pelma registered trade mark, which really represents a perfect blend of technology and natural substances.

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