Constantly striving to find new products able to offer new performances and a technical benefit to our customers, and also teaming up with leading edge Companies, our Research and Development Laboratory developed Natura, a kind of polyurethane based on exclusive last generation technology, purposely studied for mattress and living room market, offering a blend of two features in one high quality product:

1) Natura is a medium/high density polyurethane available as conventional, high resilience and viscoelastic, and it also contains renewable raw material. Vegetable oil replaces substantial amounts of raw material (also over 50%) – traditionally used for expanded polyurethane foam production – leaving intact the final product.

2) Natura is produced by using the Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology. This kind of technology allows avoiding uncontrollable expanding agents, harmful to the environment, such as CFC/HCFC, methylene chloride and CO2, obtaining genuine expanded material using water only, completely environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our choice of using VEGETABLE OILS to produce Natura is part of our traditional staunch desire to introduce the use of renewable resources in the expanded polyurethane market, combining high quality production featuring high physical/mechanical qualities with the advantages linked to the use of these natural products.

Thanks to their therapeutic properties, Natural Vegetable oils – also used by ancient civilizations such as Egyptians or Chinese to prepare ointments, perfumes and creams – are used nowadays in food and pharmaceutical industries, in the production of cosmetics and personal care products.

Natura is a Pelma registered trade mark, which really represents a perfect blend of technology and natural substances.

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