Thermofresh is a family of flexible polyurethane foams characterized by an innovative formulation technology and production, which contributes thermal and hygienic benefits to the finished product, giving the polyurethane product unique features.

How does Thermofresh work?
Thermofresh, compared to a non-thermal conventional polyurethane, has the ability to absorb heat through the fusion of PCM microcapsules contained inside it, thus maintaining a constant temperature for a long time. The antibacterial-antimould feature is conferred through the use of the Ultrafresh treatment that provides the combination of several elements including silver.

Is Thermofresh colder than other polyurethanes?
No. Thermofresh is not colder than another polyurethanes; by absorbing the heat emanating from a body in contact with the material, Thermofresh has got the ability to maintain a constant temperature in the range of normal use (between 28° and 35°C), for significantly longer, compared to a polyurethane that is not Thermofresh.

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