hanks to VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) System, an innovative foaming method, we have been able to improve our production processes.

As a matter of fact Pelma is the only company in Italy that employs this exclusive technology. In this way the quality has improved continuously and the specifications of the product can be constantly tested during the process.

Nowadays, apart from our Italian factory, there are six other factories: four of them are located in the USA and two in Europe.

Our technology is mainly based on vacuum and pressure foaming process variables. This prevents from using external uncontrollable agents (such as CFC/HCFC, Methylene Chloride, CO2…). The chambers of VPF system can be considered as closed reactors where the pressure can be constantly fixed and controlled.


VPF gives the possibility to obtain a wider range of products, creating new foams with improved properties.

Among the different qualities of VPF method, the high environmental compatibility is to be mentioned. The tunnel in which this process takes place is completely closed and the gases generated during the foaming reaction are collected inside the plant and are cleaned by active coal filters before being released in the atmosphere.

Our production respects environment, and our research has made polyurethane foams a supple material, widely used in everyday situations and in a wide range of applications.

For this reason, and thanks to the constant development over the past 50 years, polyurethane foams have proved to be a reliable product, safe and totally compatible with the environment.


By courtesy of  Research & Development of PELMA S.p.a.