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Produrre poliuretano con Oli Vegetali

Research and Development

Our R&D Lab, constantly engaged in the research for new products that gives our customers new performances and a technical advantage, in collaboration with leading companies, developed Natura®, a family of Polyurethanes based on an exclusive and high-quality technology of last generation, specially designed for the mattress and living room market, which offers the right combination of two features in a single high quality solution.

Renewable Raw Materials

Natura® is a medium/high density Polyurethane, in the conventional, high resilience (HR) and viscoelastic variants, containing renewable raw materials based on vegetable oils.

The choice of using vegetable oils to produce Natura® is to be found in our desire to introduce the use of renewable resources in the Polyurethane Foam market, combining high quality production, with high physical-mechanical properties, to the benefits brought about by the presence of these natural products.

VPF Technology

Natura® is produced using the innovative Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) Technology, which allows not to use uncontrollable blowing agents, harmful to the environment, such as CFC/HCFC, methylene chloride, CO2, obtaining a truly expanded material with only water, which is totally eco-compatible and recyclable.

Natura® trademark registered by Pelma, really represents the right combination between technology and natural elements.

Polyurethane Foam with vegetable oils

Natura, prodotto in Poliuretano Espanso Flessibile

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils, already used, thanks to their therapeutic properties, by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian or Chinese one for the manufacture of ointments, perfumes and creams, are still used today in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in the production of cosmetics and of personal care products.

Technical Data

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