The Company

Pelma S.p.A. is a leading company in the production of flexible polyurethane foam

Being partners with our customers means to us being always close to them, meeting their requirements, helping them to choose the most suitable materials, always searching for the best quality.

That’s why our commitment leads us to invest in new technologies in order to obtain better performances from our products, always keeping attention to the environment.

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Pelma gives shape to ideas through the thought and the creativity of our designers who find their fulfillment in Pelma’s product: precise and safe. Our products, which are exposed to sophisticated control processes, allow architects and designers to see their projects to be realized.

Therefore the blog “PoliureTiAmo” was born from the passion for research and experimentation: an open laboratory with the target of sharing and widening the applications of polyurethane that is nowadays an innovative, versatile, safe and recyclable material.

Research & Development

The activity of our Research and Development Laboratory aims to create new sophisticated products, which are able to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Pelma’s Research and Development Laboratory methodically verifies quality and features of raw materials, checks the most important technical values for each lot, checks the features of fire-resistance of the foams, develops new formulations for the creation of new products.

The Laboratory works in association with the most important European institutes for the creation and the certification of the foams.


A wide range of polyurethane foams, produced with different physical-mechanical properties. Pelma is able to create from unrefined blocks to treated products


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